About us

Slovak tourist guides association (SSSCR) is professional association of certificated tourist guides of Slovak republic. Established in 2003.
Main aim of SSSCR is to return to the (notion) tourist guide the society gravity. The tourist guide is necesseary to perceive, as fullvaluable profession and not only a supplement activity for the students and vital pensioners.

All our members, the qualified tourist guides, are holder of such member card like this:

SSSCR activly participates in the process of the creation of the law norms. We transplant transparent law attendance, of all activities of complex welfare for the participant in travel industry in full compatibility with EN 13809.
SSSCR suggests the full harmonisation and standardisation and activition of the two level education appointed to the individual position in the sphere of the welfare for the participant in travel industry.

Do you want to be our member?

Details about the conditions of membership you find in main menu – Guide list / Application form.

What can we offer you?

SSSCR provides the information web-side aimed also for direct expert discussion and also as for commercial basis in the form of job-exchange and with the direct possibility for the presentation of the qualified tourist guides, too!

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you find besides the profile of the SSSCR also many other files.


By the law 281/2001 col. National council of the Slovak Republik: "The job of tourist guide – is allowed to exert, (and so tour operators and travel agents can entrust with this activity) only the Person who is holder of valid certificate of tourist guide, issued by evaluated education institution!"